The Academy Is... edition (version 2.0)

Welcome to the new edition of the Sports Blog. This new "skin" was developed by Brandon Ditto for the site to show our love of the new indie band that we listen to in the car. I'm usually into rap/hip-hop, but some of this indie shit is pretty rockin'. The Academy Is... has an intense sound that relates a lot to the spirit of Sports. I guess Brandon's influence on me is growing; in a good way ;) ...

Yo. This is my blog about everything that has to do wit sports. You may disagree with my opinions, but just check out my blog ranking on the right to see how credible I am. My name is Steve Marshall. Brandon Ditto, my bud, is hosting my site on his fucking gay cartoon site. I was like, whatever, cuz I need to have this blog or shit cuz there is too much wrong stuff said about Sports and opinions from retarded Sports editors. Brandon also gave me the killer quote in the top image (thanks, man). My blog rank is getting higher each day, and you can keep track of my blog stats on the right side of this blog. Anyway, I've watched Sports my whole life so I know a ton. Occasionally I might talk about girls on here too (Baby Phat, J-Lo, Hillary Duff, etc.), so I'm not totally limited to Sports, but mostly I am. Enjoy and feel free to leave me comments, even though you're WRONG in advance. LOL.

Saturday, September 6th, 2008 It's Over
The Sports Blog is over.

highimbrandon420 - LOL.

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Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 Madden '09

Brandon and I bought the most uber-awesomeness game yesterday!!! MADDEN '09!!!!!! PUUUURRREEEE SPORTTTSSS HEAVVVEEEENNNN! OMG! Seriously, this game is so fun and uber-sweet. LOL, whenever one of us would score we'd have to give the other person a kiss on the arm. UGHHH!!! It was disgusting, but fucking hilarious nonetheless. This one time he sucked on my arm so it gave me a hicky. AHHHHH! I didn't even know how to explain it to anyone. I didn't want to sound weird, so I told my parentz that it was from me putting a suction cup on my arm, cuz I was uber-bored. That's how gangstas roll, LOL.

Anyway, the game is so awesome. It lets you play as your favorite Football team (The Patriots, in my case) and play against the computer or your friend (Brandon in my case >_> <_<). It's so funnnnnnnn. You can pass the ball just like IRL (in real life) and score touchdowns (Football's version of a home run). You can even go offsides. I was pissing BranBran off so much when I just kept going offsides! He punched me in the ballz. I made him kiss my pantz there to heal the wound, LOL. He wasn't crazy about the idea, but I said he had to or I'd try to take his pantz off and take a picture of his weiner and put it on facebook. LOL, wouldn't that have been hilarious as fuck? I don't think Dane Cook (or Nick Swardson, who is insanely indie and unknown) could have thought of a funnier prank, and those guys are fucking hilarious (

Anyway, yesterday was a totally EPIC day. We loved Madden's soundtrack too. Had totally underground indie gangsta shit like we listen too (Atreyu, Something Corporate, Paramore, and obviously The Academy Is...). We were fucking jammin' in the room like gansters.

Anyway, Madden '09 is simply an amazing game for being such an original and timeless game. Aside from the fact that every Madden game is labeled with a time (aka the year), the games have a timelessness because each one is so original from the last. The Art director working on each game ups the anty every year with amazing art direction. There is such a visceral tone in Madden 09. You get completely sucked into the fantasy world of Madden. From the sprawling scenery of football fields to the unique character designs of real-life players, the game just bursts with creativity. How they reinvent the game every year and create what is essentially, a pure artistic vision, is beyond me. This years art direction even rivals that of the gangsta movies Brandon and I watch; Edward Scissor Hands and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Don't even get me started on the games EPIC storyline. If you play career mode, you get to take on the role of a Football franchise and make your way to the top of the Football realm, until you're the best team (aka winning the Grand Finals). It's obvious the story is inspired by the real-life game of Football, but adds in its own twists and turns that you only get from a Madden story.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that all you Sports fans should go out and buy this game. Bret Favre 4 Life. I scanned the game case for you all to know what it looks like:


highimbrandon420 - THIS POST = PURE WIN!!! Random times yesterday. Was great, man. Yeah, I'm not going to lie... I got some pure man-love (LOL) for Brett Favre. He's fucking ripped on the cover.

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Sunday, June 1st, 2008 Pure randomnesssssss

Brandon and I were thinking of like the most random words we could think of on AIM. The convo was so fucking hilarious that I just had to put it on here. Don't worry there is some Sports stuff at the beginning.

highimbrandon420: sup holmy g!
steve4568: lol wasssss cracking!!?!?!?!
highimbrandon420: lol
steve4568: i was just watching some Sports, u?
highimbrandon420: ohh cool. Im just whacking off..... SERIOUSLY!
steve4568: ughhhhhhh thats gross dude!
highimbrandon420: lol i know
steve4568: so how long is yours honestly? you always say its short
highimbrandon420: it's 7 inches
steve4568: NO WAY!!!! THATS TOOOOOO BIG seriuosly the average is 5 inches
highimbrandon420: its acutally 6
steve4568: nuh uh, those tests are full of shit, cuz like only the big guys are going to take the tests anyway
highimbrandon420: that may be true, why do you care so much?
steve4568: i dont fucking care im just saying
steve4568: sooooo
steve4568: did you cum yet?
highimbrandon420: yeah
highimbrandon420: brb
steve4568: lol did it feel good?
highimbrandon420: yeah i was thinking of someone special im not telling either ;)
steve4568: hahaha let me guess..........
highimbrandon420: dude this is getting awkward
steve4568: this is not awkward, ill make it awkward if you wunt.....
steve4568: turd shovel
highimbrandon420: hah what?
steve4568: im trying to make it awkward
highimbrandon420: that was fucking awkward
steve4568: ill think of more randomness you do it too
highimbrandon420: hmmmmm lets seee...... CHEETOSSSSSS!
steve4568: ahahhaha where did that come from?
highimbrandon420: idk :P
steve4568: POOOPPPPP
highimbrandon420: MACARONI!!!!!!
steve4568: lol that was random!
highimbrandon420: toaster
steve4568: fartssss
highimbrandon420: ewwww lol
steve4568: hehe
highimbrandon420: uhhhh let me think...... GATORADE!!!
steve4568: Dude that was not random at all. that has to do with Sports!
highimbrandon420: hahaha you're right
highimbrandon420: NP
steve4568: dude i gotta go poop brb
highimbrandon420: no prob, ill get something to eat while you're taking the kids to the pool
steve4568: Hahhahahahhahhahahhahha that was seriously the funniest thing ive eve heard
steve4568: aight brb the kids need dropped off ahahhahahha
highimbrandon420: lol see ya
highimbrandon420: u back?
highimbrandon420: AHHAHAH SAmE HERE!
steve4568: dude i'm fucking tired
highimbrandon420: that would be sweet if we coudl just take a nap together
steve4568: ughhhh that sounds awesome
highimbrandon420: yeeeeahhhhhhhh booooiiiii
steve4568: lol what?
highimbrandon420: idk im just saying shit
steve4568: lol you're weird
highimbrandon420: i knowwwww right
steve4568: dude i gotta go to sleep ill talk to oyu later
highimbrandon420: ok i hope we cna hang soon
steve4568: SAME! see ya <')))-{
highimbrandon420: bye bye


highimbrandon420 - Dude, you don't have to post our fucking life on your blog! This stuff is just for our memories, not for everyone to see. Damn, dude, I'm kind of pissed. This convo just makes me feel weird reading it again. We need to talk. Call my cell: 330 001-1088.

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Thursday, May 15th, 2008 HAHAHA NBA BALLAS!!!

YOYOYOYOYOYOYO!!! DAT GURL BROKE UP WIT ME. I'M FUCKING INSANE NOW. But it made me think... THIS SPORTS BLOG NEEDS TO GET BACK TO ITS ROOTS! Enough about bitches! Let's talk about some damn Sports!

OK! SO FIRST NEWS ABOUT SPORTS... THERE WAS THE NBA PLAYOFFS CHILLIN' OUT IN THE HIZZOUSE THIS WEEK. Everyone is playing really hard. I suppose it's because they really want to win it all. It's almost like we're watching college basketball, because they're playing so hard LOL. College basketball is better than the NBA, because they play harder. I'm basing this off of my fucking fat teacher from 7th grade who was a girl and said that college basketball is better cuz they play hard. NBA sucks cuz they dunk. Huh? In't that right? Whatever.

Football is getting fucking awesome. I guess the Sport is just timeless.

Soccer is up in the hizzouse. FUCK SOCCER! J/K.

Baseball is getting it on this season. Indians blow this year. Travis Hafner is sucking so much dick.

SPORTS TALK IS OVER! HAHAHAHA. So much Sports talk! Now I'd like to talk about some other stuff besides Sports. Kiley Ray Cirus took a photo of herself naked.

Adam Sandler's new joint, What the Gozam Says, will be in theaters really soon. That shit's s'posed to be hilarious as fuck.

Michelle Branch was making out with one of the Madden twins.

Brandon is being really supportive of me and my Sports journalism. He also talked with me about girls and how maybe we should just avoid them entirely for the time being. Right now I just want to be close to my good friends, like Brandon. Besides, he's like the only guy I'll watch porn with. LESBIANSSSSSSSSS UP IN THiS!!! LOL. Inside joke. Don't worry about it.


highimbrandon420 - GANGSTA! GANGSTA! LOL; Remember when I said that? I'm glad you didn't let that bitch get to you. Ughhh. Let's go get some dinner tonight. I'm fucking straight up famished. Wear that awesome new shirt we bought. Lata PLAYA!!!

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Monday, April 7th, 2008 Balls out up in this shit.

Guess who got laid? ...You guessed it! MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I just feel so good right now. It's really hard to describe. I just can't stop smiling, I don't know. I'm practically in love with this girl. Her name is Paige McKenzie Riley-Kiley. LOL. Just kidding, Brandon told me to say that! LOL. We're hanging out a lot now. He's a damn good guy. Her real name is Michelle Thompson. She's a psychology major at Tri-State U (home of the fizz-ucking panthers up in thurr). She's so pretty, and her boobs are ballin'. She's a volleyball player for the Panthers, who are doing tizzighhhhhhttt this year. HAHAHAHA! Even when I'm talking about girls, I find some way to relate it to Sports. It's just so engraved in me. Her boobs are double C's (She told me cuz I'm cool like that.). You all wish you were so lucky to have a girl like this. I'm seriously probably the happiest guy in the world right now. She said my penis was really long, so I'm just so happy right now (Fuck you n00bs who told me that my penis was actually on the shorter side, when I made a post about it.). IT'S CONFIRMED NOW! Write that shit down in the record books for sho LOL. AHHHH!!!! Again, I can't stop rambling on about Sports. She thinks it's sweet that my hobby is Sports. She thinks more people should like Sports like me. She told me that Sports can let out our competiveness in a proactive way. I never thought of it like that. She's a fucking genius or some shit. LOL. I tried callin' ma bitch today, but she didn't answer her phone. She was prob doing some volleyball up in thurr. I'm going to call her now so she can say something on my blog... one sec... FUCK! She must still be playing Sports. I guess that's the life of a couple which is so involved in Sports. It's going to suck trying to match our hectic schedules. I have to watch at least one game this week and work at Foot Locker 2 days. So much shit to do. Not to mention that my psych exam is next week! Ugh. hopefully ma boo will help me up in this shit like a gangster. It kind of sucked that sex was so quick with her. I came before we even had sex but we stuck my limp dick in her afterwards, cuz she felt sorry for this homie! So it was sweet that I had sex!!! I can't wait for all my blog readers to get laid as great as I got laid. I think it might've been her butt hole cuz we were both really drunk and just going crazy and ganster and all that shit. I was wearing rubber for sure. I never have sex without them. They're basically gold for guys like me. LOL. Everything kind of smelled poopish afterwards. It was kind of gross. Like my hands and fingers smelled gross too. I don't even care though, cuz I heard sex smells. Aight, peace out, homies.


highimbrandon420 - Dude, that's awesome! I love your blog now that you're not talking about Sports. It makes it more personable; an outlet for who you really are... a great guy. I'll see you at Steph's 21st.

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Thursday, March 20th, 2008 FUCK IT! TP and Eva are thru and the Sports World is turned Upside-down!

Seriously. What the fuck is happening?! What happened to TONY AND EVA IN THESE PAST FEW WEEKS! WHAT THE FUCK!? It's a damn shame these two got divorced already. A DAMN shame. I'm so pissed as a Sports fan right now. I can only imagine next week's Sports Illustrated. The Sports World is weeping greatly right now and I'm in the center of it because I had to make a big deal out of them getting married. FUCK! WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME?! People are e-mailing me left and right talking about fucking Eva being a bitch, and I'm like, "what the fuck is happening!" I don't even know what to tell you douchebags e-mailing me. I DON'T KNOW EVA OR TONY PERSONALLY SO DON'T ASK ME HOW THIS HAPPENED. I DON'T KNOW. All I know is that I'm on the same page as all you guys and we're all devastated by this fucking horrible part of human life that we all must go through. I know what it's like for Tony. That fucking bitch-a-bitch biology major I was talking about last week didn't put out anything. I FUCKING HATE PRUDE BITCHES! She was so prude she didn't even make an appearance at the party. That's about as prude as EVA probably was to Tony the days leading up to the break up. I HATE GIRLS! I FUCKING HATE GIRLS! UGHHH. Tony Parker you and I are very much alike. So alike. We both aren't getting any puzzy right now. We both are full of hate and disgust in woman. We both cry every night while we whack off to god knows what. I don't even know what we whack off to anymore. Are we thinking of ourselves? Or perhaps... No... That can't be right... Could we... Possibly... be whacking off to each other? Have I been thinking of Tony Parker every night? NO! NO! THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT. I'M STRAIGHTER THAN AN ELONGATED NON-CURVED PENIS! THIS MUST BE A PHASE. IT MUST! I've just been confused that's all. Hahaha! THAT'S ALL! It's just c-o-n-f-u-s-i-o-n! LOL. I'm not ready for love again with a female yet though. They've hurt sports, myself, and themselves. We need time to heal. Time is medicine. Medicine for my mind and heart. My mother bought me a bible last week. I've been reading numerous pages. Surely, you know about Jesus Christ? He is the lord of all our beings. He is a lamb. Christ is the lamb. Surely, you aren't mistaken? Surely, I am saved. I have been broken once; Broken twice. First time was the Eva-Tony bullfuck. Second time was my mishap with the BIOLOGY-BITCH, which I have aptly named her. Brokeness leads to healing. Healing leads to happiness. Happiness leads to Christ, as was written in Austin... no... Samuel 3:16. No wait. Fuck. I was wrong. John 3:16 is the right name of the particular book in the bible. That's something I never got... Why are there books within the bible? ISN'T THE BIBLE A BOOK? Fuck it. It doesn't matter anyway. I am saved now. My sins have been wiped clean. My soul... transparent; My mind... cleared. I am Steven of Stark State Stark College. I will heal. Jesus says so. He also tells me Eva was wrong. All bitches are wrong. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. I haven't actually read the bible yet. Hehe. You know how I do. I google'd the shit out of it though to learn about Christ and how to heal yourself. And I obviously wiki'd the John 3:16 thing. I feel like I'm as close to Christ as any Baptist though. This I promise; This I keep dear to me. Like my secret fantasies at night. I will never tell anyone those fantasies: Fantasies of lust, blood, and tears. Fantasies you dare not speak for it will curse even the listener's very being. These fantasies; These... diseases. Filthy little thoughts only meant for us cursed Sports fans. We bare the burden of the world. IT IS OUR WORLD TO BARE!!! IT... IS... OUR BURDEN! Now listen carefully... Sports won't be the same anymore. How could it? What we've witnessed hits so close to home, that we must change our view! IF NOT FOR YOURSELF... THEN FOR HUMANITY! Our survival as a culture depends on it. Women can't be trusted. This much we learned. Jesus will save men. This much we know. Where does this leave women? They can't interfere with sports... This much I know for certain. The Sports World must abandon women. We must forget about them and live together as men playing and writing about Sports. I will be of the latter. If our lust for women grows, we too must focus this lust into Sports. We MUST procreate in the context of Sports. If this means homosexual relations with... say... oh, I don't know... random Sports player... hmm let's see here... Tony Parker, for sake of example, then so be it. We will continue to play though. We WILL play Sports. For the sake of our world and Jesus Christ our savior. Amen.


highimbrandon420 - I'm not sure what to make of this post. You seem a bit upset. Your ideas, as scattered as they are, do seem somewhat plausible. We could create this sort of world, but we'd need the help of the government and the cooperation of women. The two things that never cooperate! HAHA! I'm I right? Your ideology seems a bit fascist, much like the Bush regime... You know... which is fascist. They would probably go for something like this. Sports engraved DEEPLY into society might work under the right circumstances. We can't elect Hillary Clinton for sure if we want this to happen. I know this is just a grassroots movement right now, but we can't let Hillary CLIT-town in the office. Barrack Obama, being black, may be keen to this greater involvement of Sports. The disbanding of the relationship between Sports and women wouldn't be that bad either. For instance: Wally Serback had to miss a game the other day cuz his wife was giving birth. This wouldn't happen under a regime similar to your ideology. Food for thought. I hope your ideas spread. Good luck, my friend... Steven. You are strong-willed fellow. Strong enough to be my man? Perhaps... Perhaps. Let's talk on AIM. We may be able to funnel our lusts into each other; INTO each other. Just like your ideas about the world.

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terrybradshawfan1123 - what are you guys saying!!!! dude... seriously. This blog is seriously getting gay. How about telling us about the playoffs coming up soon!!! PLEASE TALK MORE ABOUT SPORTS!

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jessss3876 - this blog post was prettty fucked up and me being a female am outraged. This needs to be taken off the internet. I attend church too, so i am deeply offended by your ill-informed and warped sense of Jesus. You don't understand the point of spirituality. Im done here. good bye

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vous au mike - Paragraphs; please? Your thoughts are bestrewed so haphazardly across your scroll of choice (which happens to be an internet blog in this case) and, as such, is incoherent and nearly indecipherable. You may be able to make a better point with more structure. But I digress. I partly agreed with you in regards to the content, however.

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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008 Tony Parker and Eva' Tie the Knot'!

I think it's about damn time this couple got hitched. They're fucking adorable together. You know they've been bangin' before they got married though lol. How couldn't they? Anyway, I'm really happy for them and congratulations go out to Eva, Tony and their familes. This is great news for us Sports Aficianados and we'll probably be taking stats on them now, since we're so into Sports hahahahhaha. I'M ONLY KIDDING!!! Wouldn't that be fucking hilarious though if we took like stats on them like... How many arguments they've gotten into... MPS: Minutes Per Sex (like the average time it took)... Meals she cooked (lol like 0). HAHAHA. She probably doesn't even know how to cook. Let's face it, though; that's not why Tony married her. She's beautiful. Eva Longoria is Probably the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Her personality is amazing too from what I've seen on Desperate Housewives. If only I could get a girl like that lol. You know the only girls I can get are the ones that use up my cash money and don't put out lol. It's gay because I'm 22 years old and I've never even really done much with a girl. They're always so prude! LOL! Why can't I find a college girl that even kisses. I'm sure you guys feel the same about these chicks. These college girls aren't givin' anything out to us!!! DAMN WE NEED TO START A FUCKING PETITION! HAHAHA. I guess you could say I'm still a virgin. Although, I think I lost my virginity when LeBron made that totally awesome dizzunk last night hahaha. I guess if you're into Sports you'll lose your virginity through awesome plays first... instead of with a bizz-ah-itch. I've been pretty far with girls though. Don't get me wrong. I've kissed 4 or 5 (I can't remember cuz I was probably too drunk lol) at parties. I touched most of their boobs, which was amazing to say the least. I think boobs are like a gateway drug in the sense that I'm basically up to speed with the rest of the guys because once you touch a boob it's like you can pretty much do anything with a girl from then on out. I'm not a loser is what I'm trying to say. My buds tease me sometimes, but I don't let it get to me because I know in my mind that I've touched boobs before. I don't tell them because I'm modest about it. I never really kiss and tell. I just think that's lame. I'm definitely looking for a girlfriend right now, so feel free to talk to me on AIM (steve4568).

Anyway, enough about Sports! I wanted to talk about some non-sports news for a bit too. I'm starting to get into comedy (I've always been funny, but now I'm into some underground shit). I heard about this new guy, Dane Cook, and I think he's fucking hilarious. You should all try to download this guy's Windows Media ASAP. Some of his stuff is brilliant. His "super finger" sketch is so classic. It's basically like a middle finger with your other fingers next to it sticking up. It's like how did he even think of that. It's kind of a niche comedy, so if you're uptight or some shit you probably won't get it. It's random stuff, which is so different from what you hear everywhere else. I just wish people had a good sense of humor.

Some more news: I'm starting to talk to this one chick who is a biology major. I think we're going to go to the same party Saturday night. I don't want to sound like a fucking playboy and like all into myself, but it's pretty sweet. I'll tell you guys if I bang the shit out of her lol. I'm just wondering if I should give her the whole 5.75" inches or take it easy on her with the standard size of 5 inches (which is actually the average size instead of what you're told.). I'm above average I guess by like almost and inch, so I don't want to overwhelm any girls. I don't mean to brag or shit. I'll probably just stick with the 5-incher and just shave my pubes for the first time to make it look bigger. Besides, it's hard to actually get it to go to 5.75 inches anyway. I had to kind of push the ruler into my gut just a tad when I measured the 5.75" record. I think she'll be happy with a 5-inch one anyway, because that's what she's used to. You know she's had smaller than 5-inch before because 5-inch is average (Fact. Google it, you'll find that real tests say that 5 is average.). This sausage might be nice after all the pricks she's probably been with. I'm not circumsized. She'll probably like that since it's different from most people. I read that girls don't even have a preference for uncircumsized or circumsized. It's mostly just a personal taste. Another thing is that the vaginal cavity is only 4 inches deep anyway, so you don't even need the whole 1.75" extra that I have. I guess that's the only downside to being above average. Aight guyz, peace out.


pinkrobot247 - you sound really insecure about yourself. I think thats the reaosn you havent really been with girls. You have to realize that weiners are not the glue that holds relatinoshiops together. You really have a warped sense of reality and I'm basing this off of all your other posts too. i dont mean to be harsh

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highimbrandon420 - That's a big cock, man. Mine's only 4.5". BTW, can you help with a speech I have to give about Sports? The teacher is forcing us all to talk about Sports. I don't know much about football so I'll need your help on that part of the speech.

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uhhhtanner - yeah man thats huge. Mines just under uhhhh inch.

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terrybradshawfan1123 - this was your gayest post to date. I wish you'd talk more about football. I used to like your Sports commentary, but now you're getting too far off the point of this blog.

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Friday, February 29th, 2008 CAVALIERS MAKE TRADE!

HOLY CRAP! This trade is awesome! Here's the deal which sent Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, Josh Phelps and 2008's Final Draft Pick to the Detroit Pistons for none other than RASHEED WALLACE, WALLY SERBACK, AND JOE SMITH! I AM SPEECHLESS!!! This trade is brilliant! Our Cavalier sports team is going to be sooooo insane next season. Everyone is already creating a buzz about next season. Playoffs might not be an unthinkable feat like us CLEVELANDERS know quite a bit about!! LOL. Boy, do we know about our Sports teams too. Browns blow (4 - 11 this season). Indians suck (24 - 55 last year). Finally at least the Cavs are going to be tizzight. Cavs coach Mike Brown said the following, "We're looking to be in playoff contention next season. We will make the necessary steps and go from there. We have a good ball club and 2 big swingers [LeBron James and Wallace] for next season. Hopefully we'll be able to round up a good starting point guard with a strong and healthy arm. We're thinking in 2010 we should be able to find one. Then we can go from there and try for playoff contention. Right now we just want to concentrate on playing baseba... basketball." Interesting stuff there. I wonder if Brown is going to enjoy the upcoming seasons? Feel free to discuss if you think he'll like the sports group more so in upcoming years. An interesting thing he said was that he talked about "playoff contention." I think it's safe to say that the Cavs are really going to try hard next season.

Here's a breakdown of the players we got (I didn't include too many stats, because I know the stats will change after they play some games with the Cavs.):

Rasheed "Superman" Wallace

3-Point %: .187
Favorite food: Cheeseburgers w/extra cheese
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite shot: Dunking
Blood Type: AB
Music: Hip Hop / R & B
Favorite team: Cavaliers
Most embarrassing moment: My coach came into the locker room after a game and saw me naked. It was so embarrassing, because the whole team saw my penis. My previous Sports Team wouldn't let up with it so it's actually convenient I got traded!

Wally Serback

3-Point %: .486
Favorite food: Pussy... lol
Favorite color: Pink ;)
Favorite shot: on her stomach
Blood Type: O (for my "O" face... Office Space. Nuf. Sed.)
Music: Hip Hop / R & B, Country, and Rock
Favorite team: Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls
Most embarrassing moment: This one time I was bouncin' fuglies (fat and ugly) with this girl and then I fainted. It was so embarrassing because you'd think I was in good enough physical condition. It turns out I was getting the flu. I told her a week after the incident and we had a long laugh. I tell this story to every new team I go to, so it's kind of nice being traded so I could tell another team. It's great to be here in the home of Rock 'n Roll though. When I got here, Coach Brown showed me around campus, which brings to mind another embarrassing story. I almost tripped and fell on him. We told everyone when we got back to the locker room and now they all call me Trippy!

Joe "Make it Rain" Smith

3-Point %: .289
Favorite food: Doritos
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite shot: Fade-away
Blood Type: B
Music: Hip Hop / R & B
Favorite team: Cavaliers
Most embarrassing moment: When I was back in high school, I made a drawing of a dog holding a gun with a bubble quote saying, "Give me all your money!" The teacher saw it. It was so embarrassing because he got mad at me in front of everyone. It's sweet because I can tell this story to a new Sports Team, because every team I'm on I always break the ice with this story. So in a sense, it's actually great that I got traded. Next season is going to be great. I can't wait until this current season is over so we can concentrate on next season.


vous au mike - I would say that,"Mike Brown will have a great time playing with the newteam." BTW, I think I'll get rid of my Clevelandworthless shirt now.

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eyerideburton - Serbiak's profile stats are pure genius. some of that is so random

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Monday, February 18th, 2008 I missed the fuckin' game!

AHHH! I missed the Grand Finals of football!!! I can't believe it. Supposedly the Dallas Cowboys won. It was a sick game too, I heard. There were supposedly 15 throws made, which is completely unheardof. Da commericals were supposed to be really funny too. I hope this doesn't make you guyz think I'm not into Sports.

Anyway, NON-SPORTS NEWS!!! YAYA!!! T-Pain, Rihanna, and Joss Stone are supposedy working on new mp3. I can't wait to download dat shit. T-Pain says this mp3 collection is going to be, "awesome." Rihanna said, "I think you guyz are going to like this." Joss Stone said that the mp3s are going to be, "really tight." Sounds like those musics are going to be awesome.

MORE NON-SPORTS NEWSSSSSS!!!!! FUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard Kim Cantrell has a new sex tape out and it's supposedly fucking tight (like her). I couldn't wait until she turned 18 so this is awesome news. I can't wait to download that Windows Media.


uhhhtanner - don't worry about it man, i didnt wathc the game either. it doest mean you're not into sprots. it was a cool game, but dont worry about it. that kim cantrell vid sounds pretty tight. thanks for the heads up (literally) hahahahhahah peace bra

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Monday, January 28th, 2008 Terrell Owens is a dick!

I'll admit that T.O. (Terrell Owens) is doing pretty sick in the playoffs this year. He's got 30 yards rushing in just 6 games, 56 tackles, 97 pass interferences, and 48 sacks (and just one ball sack... ;) I COULDN'T RESIST THAT ONE!). Not to mention he's made some amazing plays that don't show up on the stat... ummm... page... errr... BOX SCORE! Fuck. I almost forgot that shit right thurrr. For instance he made a touchdown, which they don't keep track of, but nonetheless is one of the main things in football that leads to a win. Another sick play is when he flew offsides like an eagle, which cost them a 5 yard penalty, but definitely hurt the others team's (Steelers) moral cuz none of their players can fly briefly (T.O. = only player in NFL to ever fly for brief momentz).

T.O. deciding which play he should make next (playoff pic)

SO WHY THE FUCK DO I HATE THE NIG (NO OFFENSE TO BLACK AMERICANS! I HAVE 2 BLACK FRIENDS FROM HIGH SCHOOL A FEW YEARS AGO!)? Well check out what the dude said after the game he won with a field goal kick that was, I'll admit, uber crazy (80 yards). Here's what he said,

"I have a hard time expressing my feelings sometimes. Tonight was a sweet game for shizzshizz. I don't really care though, 'cause the playoffs are stupid. It's hard for me to explain, but sometimes after I make a super bad sack, I get a feeling of indifference towards this game. Once playoffs come up, it's just like I don't feel like playing anymore. I want to go home. Enjoy life with my wife and 4 adopted negro children. She let's me drink her breast milk in the fridge, which you can see on MTV Cribs soon. I like watching my 32" Toshiba flat panel with 1080i resolution, which is about as top of the line as it gets. I have nice things in my home, so its like why am a playing football? I also have a sweet pool. I don't like it that much though, but it's more fun than football. We played really well tonight though and it's because of our great defense and offense. The combination of the two, which is a weird way to win a game, led us to victory."

First off, why the fuck are you complaining about football? It's a sick game that's played 10 weeks out of the year. The 40 other weeks you can drink breast milk (WTF, I was pissed he said this. It makes no sense.) and bathe in your pool with your niglets (NO OFFENSE TO BLACK AMERICANS! They have an interesting culture, and a natural and rhythmic way of communication. As white people, we talk slow, boring, stuttered, and use 'sweet' and 'cool' way too often to describe things. Our words have very little meaning anymore.) Anyway, he talked about his 32" flat panel, which I don't get, because I have a 37" Magnavox, which was like 800 dollars. I'm sure he makes much more than I do yearly. He plays football for Christ's sake (I go to Church, so don't take that the wrong way. Fuck you, if you think I'm serious when I use da Lord's name in my veins). He also said some interesting things though. He talks about how defense and offense was used in conjunction to win. It's actually a really interesting approach, which I think more teams should utilize in order to get that oh-so-desired "W" (win). So overall, I'm pissed, but I think he said some sweet and cool things.

Comparison picture of her two forms

This is non-sports related, but Hannah Montana is turning 18 soon, so everyone get ready! Finally that untapped pussy-well can be harvested and manufactured into pussy pies for regular guyz. You know, guys like me. Your average Joe. Just trying to make it in this upside-down world. Working and playing hard. BUT! WATCH OUT! When she tranforms back into Kiley Ray Cirus, she's back to 16-17 (I forget what her real age is. Who's countin' anyway for that brown-haired, self-concious, unconfident hag). GIVE US MONTANA MORE OFTEN PLEASE! That's the only thing I don't like about that show. It's mostly NOT the Montana girl. Fucking gay. Aight. That's all 4 now.


angelbaby7865 - yeah hannah montana is a really pretty girl I admire her being a girl myself. Her Kiley form is too weak and lacks too many of Montana's powers. i know thuurrr are probably some dormant powers within Kiley, but her power level is no where near the Montanas. Her ice resistance boost is good too so that she doesn't freeze too often against those types of enemies.

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KILEYKILLA247 - hahahaha. being a big Kiley Ray Cirus fan, i'm a little dissapointed. Her younger form, while not having the raw power and resistances, has many hidden and unique abilities whcih adds a level of unpredictability to the battles. Often times she still wins in this form due to the often frantic and unassured moves shes pulls (nobody knows what she'll do next). she may have a lack of self confidence in everything she does but she still comes out on top. Which reminds me... I wouldn't mind her ON TOP of me. hahhaha. I shouldn't say that cuz she's 17, but whatever. I do agree that The Montana is MUCH MUCH hotter. Both are pretty girls, but she is like INSAAAANNNNNEEEE

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Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 Sports Speech



angelbaby7865 - Wow. That was actually right on. Especially with the Sports playoffs coming up soon, it really gets the 'feel' of Sports down perfect. I couldn't have said it better myself.

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michaelvickspenis69 - Aight, this was actually pretty tight, so I'm not going to spam this one.

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Sunday, January 6th, 2008 Friday's Post + Sports info

Unfortunately, people can't seem to take a joke. Friday I made a comment about Mike Vick coming from Africa and being "enslaved." It was a figment of speech, people. I like black people obviously. How couldn't I? I watch sports and listen to hip hop and rap (two distinct flavors of African American culture). My friend, John, is black. So to all of you who e-mailed me pissed off, shut up. It's just not what it's about. Sometimes it's hard for me to write what I think. I've gone down 2 ranking spots because of this!

Anyway... I have some sweet sports news. First, Tayshawn Prince, Detroit Pistons alumni, says he's, "looking foward to playing next season. I think with the new faces brought to the table in this organization and new staff, we'll definitely be in playoff contention next season. Right now I want to concentrate on my game and go from there." There are a few key things he said there, which get sports fans, like me, going. He talks about "new faces." He's referring to the young talent brought into the organization. Another thing that made me think was when he referred to the playoffs. It's interesting to hear players actually talk about the playoffs and how important they are to a player. It's a much different perspective than the fans. I'm excited.

I didn't want to talk about too much today, but I wanted to talk about how the playoffs are shaping up in Football. I think the Jaguars and the Steelers are going to be in the grand finale. The Steelers have a lot of good things going for them. Their offensive line is sweet. On the other hand the Jaguar's defense is pretty darn good this year. They have recorded 10 sacks already this season. My pick though is definitely Dallas. They've faced a lot of diversity and injuries this season, but somehow they've managed. I think they can take home the trophy.


jessss3876 - hmmm... i disagree. I think dallas kinda sucks. thye're offensive line is trash and their quarterback blows this season.

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johnw8967 - I think Tayshawn Prince should also think about this season as well. After all, it's not over. There's plenty of games to play. Your Football projection seems spot on. Good job.

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Friday, January 4th, 2008 A-Rod's contract, Mike Vick, + more

So has anyone else heard about A-Rod's new contract? It's a 23 MILLION DOLLAR DEAL OVER THE NEXT 9 YEARS! THAT'S ROUGHLY 2.5 MILLION A YEAR. Who in their right mind would pay someone this much money for even--arguably--the best player in the game right now? I'll tell you who. THE F***ING MARINERS! Bud Sealig, owner of Mariners, says A-Rod's potential should be unleashed in the next 9 years and he's willing to pay THAT much money for a prime time star such as A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez). I'm holding my breath for this, because the game is being turned upside down by these money guzzlers and ill-planned deals.

Mike Vick playing a game of catch in spring training

Moving on... Mike Vick, the greatest football player today, says he's sick of football. Well, actually, here's the real quote: "I just don't feel like playing this game anymore." WTF, YOU GET PAID LIKE 1 MILLION A YEAR. SHUT THE F*** UP. Seriously, I don't understand how you can make almost a million dollars a year (565,000 roughly) and not be satisfied with your job. The game of football is really awesome too, so I don't see how you'd not want to play it. God, am I the only human being worth fighting for this? Sometimes, it's hard for me to write, because I'm not that good at it (I'm good at punctuation though), but do you guyz understand where I'm coming from on this one? Mike Vick... I have some advice for you. If you don't like your job, get out of this country. I'm so sorry we brought you over on a ship from Africa and enslaved you for roughly 1 MILL A YEAR (give or take) and made you throw footballs for 10 years of your life. Sometimes players can be real knuckle heads...

Speaking of knuckle heads... Knuckle ball thrower Tim Wakefield is expected to get off the injured list soon. Here's hoping, cuz I would let that guy birth my first newborn. He's that nice of a guy. Last year he donated over 1,000 dollars to Breast Cancer research, which they're currently still using to uncover the mysteries behind such an impactful disease that affects men as well. Yes, men have breasts too, ours just aren't as delicious LOL. I'm not afraid to touch serious issues like these. I'll joke around, get mad, argue, AND talk about important things happening. That's because I'm versatile at journalism and opinions. Until next time, peace out.


jessss3876 - interesting stuff there. although i would like to comment on your mike vick comentary. you; said that he gets paid 1 million then you say he gets paid 565k so which is it? id ont know its jsut seems liek you exxagarent a lot. lmao

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terrybradshawfan1123 - you brought up some pretty tight points there. as a sports fan, i would like to say that you and I hold pretty close opinions to each other. lol ill keep checking back at this site. peaec out beeee otchhhh

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